Contactless personalised communication

Workflow & Automation

See all your customer data in one view to help tailor your guests' experience and increase customer satisfaction.

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Anticipate your guest's needs

Easily connect and integrate your customer data and profiles via sync with your CMS/PMS. Once a guest messages one property, they will be recognised in any subsequent properties. All your data in one view.

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Seamless Communication

Guests can message you in their app or channel of their choice. 2-way instant translation in over 103 languages.

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Workflow & Automation Key Features


Develop customised experience flows for your customers with no coding. Trigger messages and actions based on events across your organisation.


For common queries and questions, let a chatbot take the strain. If you don't trust the responses, operate in 'whisper bot' mode where your staff review the messages before sending them.


Easily scan incoming packages for customers on the go. Reducing the time and effort taken with the increase in online shopping.

Single Sign On

Enable connectivity to Enterprise SSO platforms over OpenID, SAML, etc. such as Azure Active Directory, enabling easier user provisioning and de-provisioning.

Open API

Connect your own systems or bring your own integration, allowing you to maximise use of the platform and keep all of your systems in sync.


Easily integrate with many key industry CRMs, PMS and Service Ticketing systems like Oracle Hospitality, Infor, Amadeus HotSOS, Knowcross and many more.


Easy integration with your PMS

HAPI can easily connect with your PMS including Opera, Mews, Webrezpro, Infor, Logus, Epitome and many more.

So you can see all your guest data in one place.

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Great platform that integrates multiple systems, and is very user friendly. Able to engage with guests easily and keeps everything clear and concise - guests really appreciate the almost immediate response time - Great support from the Alliants team whenever required - Lots of future opportunity to further enhance the guest experience with things like Mobile Key, and chat options including WeChat.

Stephanie W.

Front of House Manager

Nobu Hotels

Alliants is great at attracting awesome and mega-talented people and I'm grateful to work alongside them. Learning and improving all the time, from the very best!

Juulia Zumer

PMO Consultant


The best thing about working with Alliants is our people! Sure, we have an amazing platform and offer world class service. But it’s really this talented, hilarious, wonderful group of professionals you work with day in and day out that makes Alliants a joyful place to work. During a worldwide pandemic, our leadership team did a great job of building connectivity through quiz nights, online escape rooms, Pilates by webinar, and even takeaway dinner nights. Hard work, hard play. It’s all good!

Vickie Miller

Customer Success Manager


We have loved using Alliants at Lyle, as a new independently owned property Alliants has given us the ability to engage with guests throughout and after their stays in a way that wouldn't be possible without the platform. It has given us an opportunity to remain in constant contact with the guest on their terms and remain respectful of guests' time and communication preferences. It also helps our team remain on the same page about all guests without having to send constant emails back and forth! Alliants is awesome!

Taylor Phillips

Front Office Manager

Lyle Hotel - Lore Group

I joined Alliants from Makers Academy as a Backend Developer and was quickly given the opportunity to step-up and prove myself. We use a modern stack everyday and the environment is always fast paced and friendly!

Aidan Faria