Alliants services

Enable Exceptional Experiences

We help clients develop, create and manage the customer journey to consistently deliver exceptional experiences.


Delivering exceptional customer experiences

Although our skills reside within the realms of creating the best technology platforms, all of our expertise starts at the same place, the customer.

Our customer experience consulting methods have been adopted by some of the most iconic brands in hospitality and beyond. Using our depth of knowledge within all disciplines of technology and business consulting, we are able to develop strategies that create the right customer experience and the business behind it to execute them. No matter how personal your service, technology at some stage will be underpinning or enhancing the experience. There is plenty of talk around mobile-first, digital-first etc… we are true to our core value and roots of customer first strategies.

Whilst each client brief will be handcrafted to meet their specific needs, we have helped senior management teams in;

  • Customer experience discovery
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Customer experience systems
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Software development

Seamless   development - Sometimes it has to be unique, just like you.

Helping organisations bridge the gap from vision to reality though the creation of bespoke software solutions.

The essence of delivering service is that it is personal, it contains the vision and value of the brand, and each guest has an expectation that their experience should be consistent and in line with expectation. The challenge can present itself when ensuring the systems that make up the fabric of the service are as personal and individual as your brand. By choosing packaged software it is often the case that the business needs to be adapted to fit the software.

This is where our software development services come in, we have helped brands build software that meets their company’s vision, sometimes from the ground up, and sometimes enhancing or integrating existing systems to help stand out in the crowd. The key of our services is designed to ensure you do not bend your business to fit the software, more ensuring the software envelops your business.

Whilst each client brief will be handcrafted to meet their specific needs, the core of our services centres on:

  • Software development
  • Systems integration
  • Application support
  • Programme management
Data and Analytics

Enabling value from big data and driving business decisions through data

Our consulting and development services enable you to derive optimal value from your data.

Data is one of an organisation's most valuable assets, but its ability to leverage it is often under-explored. The majority of the most successful organisations across the globe rely upon data to steer their business decision making. Alliants has decades of experience in helping their customers discover the depth of data they have and then develop this into a strategy to give action-orientated insight to stakeholders across the organisation.

Most importantly, our team of data consultants, scientists and developers will scope and implement the solutions you require and then maintain these via our world-class support team. This enables you to leverage the opportunity to get closer to your clients and develop ever more profitable products and services for you and your customers.

Whilst each client brief will be handcrafted to meet their specific needs, the core of our services centres on;

  • Strategic data consulting
  • Machine learning, AI and predictive modelling
  • Business intelligence 
  • Data development and integration services

The building blocks of technology - Aligning technology to business

Evolving technology strategies to enable a competitive advantage.

Our technology consulting practice blends a depth of experience in working with some of the most prestigious brands on evolving their technology strategies, from working to develop concepts right the way through to delivery of full system architectures. Our consultants have advised clients across the globe on using digital as an enabler for competitive advantage.

Whilst each client brief will be handcrafted to meet their specific needs, the core of our services centres on;

  • Technology strategy
  • IT due diligence
  • Requirement gathering and vendor selection
  • System architecture design
  • Thought leadership
  • System prototyping