Contactless personalised communication

Staff App

Connect in real time - any device, anywhere

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Connect on the go

Gain immediate freedom from the desk with our optional staff app and provide an instant and seamless service to guests.

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Seamless Communication

Guests can message you in their app or channel of their choice. 2-way instant translation in over 103 languages.

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Staff App Key Features

iOS & Android

No matter what your preference of device is - iOS or Android, you can stay connected with your guests with our optional staff app when away from the desk.

Guest Messaging

Enable colleagues to respond on the go with iOS and Android applications ensuring the team don't have to remain at the desk to provide a flawless service to guests.

Vendors Database

Enable the team to be able to look up vendors and vendor contacts directly from their device as well as being able to call them from the application making it easy to confirm guest requests when away from the desk.

Guest Request Status

Be able to pull up a guest's full itinerary and see the status of all of their requests, as well as being able to see all other guest requests at the same time.

Guest Profiles

See a guests profile where you need them, providing key information such as guest image, contact information and history, further enhancing guest recognition.

Package Scanning

Easily scan incoming packages for customers on the go. Reducing the time and effort taken with the increase in online shopping.


Easy integration with your PMS

HAPI can easily connect with your PMS including Opera, Mews, Webrezpro, Infor, Logus, Epitome and many more.

So you can see all your guest data in one place.

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Alliants were looking to grow their UX team around the time I was looking for that “greater challenge”. You could just tell that they were ambitious in their future business plans but still retained a very personal hands on approach to staff wellbeing. Every person I spoke to was so friendly, easy going and open to just having a chat. There was a sense that there would be room for growth and freedom to dabble in lots of different business areas, whilst still having a corporate structure. The culture at Alliants is everything I stand for: if you want it, go and get it!

Lauren Anning

Senior UX/UI Designer


Alliants really stood out to me from our very first contact. A vibrant, supportive and collaborative working environment brings the best out of people. My initial role was as a Customer Success Manager working on some incredible client projects in the UK and abroad. Our continued growth and expansion has presented further career opportunities and I now manage a very talented team, across Support, DevOps, Development, Consulting and Project Management.

Nick Wood

VP Data & Support


The work culture is truly something special, and I am surrounded by smart, funny, honest, capable people every day. I couldn’t possibly ask for more than that.

Samantha-Sophia Felton

Key Client Delivery Manager


Great platform that integrates multiple systems, and is very user friendly. Able to engage with guests easily and keeps everything clear and concise - guests really appreciate the almost immediate response time - Great support from the Alliants team whenever required - Lots of future opportunity to further enhance the guest experience with things like Mobile Key, and chat options including WeChat.

Stephanie W.

Front of House Manager

Nobu Hotels

Alliants is great at attracting awesome and mega-talented people and I'm grateful to work alongside them. Learning and improving all the time, from the very best!

Juulia Zumer

PMO Consultant