Contactless personalised communication


Automate time consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

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Increase staff efficiency

Free up staff time with automated features such as streamlining deliveries and collections with our easy package scanning.

Enable quick responses with our quick reply templates and increase service levels.

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Seamless Communication

  • Guests can message you in their app or channel of their choice. 2-way instant translation in over 103 languages.
  • Automatically create a real-time, interactive digital itinerary for guests. Send a schedule of reservations, activities, requests, and statuses.
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Concierge Key Features

Digital Itineraries

Share with guests a real time view of their requests and the status through a web enabled itinerary & stay in control by deciding what is guest visible and what isn't. No need to spend labour delivering and re-delivering paper confirmations.

Request Management

Manage all of your customers requests in one view, whether on one property or many. Easily see the full status of a guest's request.

Vendor Database

Connect all of your vendors in one place for easy reference, allowing you to store key information and insights on each of your vendors / partners to keep all the team informed.

Vendor Services

We know that ⅔ of the time you are repeating a lot of the same requests with the same vendors. We have built Vendor Services to reduce the time required to enter in that information to avoid you needing to enter in the information again and again.

Real Time Status

See which vendors are open now and in the future, from wherever you are in the world.

Automation and AI

Build workflows for common tasks or actions. For example, automatically send confirmation of bookings and charges to a vendor at the end of the day to ensure invoice reconciliation becomes less laborious. Also use workflows to trigger package deliveries after a guest checks in and have it sent via the service order system of your property.


Easy integration with your PMS

HAPI can easily connect with your PMS including Opera, Mews, Webrezpro, Infor, Logus, Epitome and many more.

So you can see all your guest data in one place.

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Great platform that integrates multiple systems, and is very user friendly. Able to engage with guests easily and keeps everything clear and concise - guests really appreciate the almost immediate response time - Great support from the Alliants team whenever required - Lots of future opportunity to further enhance the guest experience with things like Mobile Key, and chat options including WeChat.

Stephanie W.

Front of House Manager

Nobu Hotels