Tono Pizzeria + Cheesesteaks

A fast-growing Minnesota restaurant business. With recipes going back decades, Tono offers authentic cheesesteaks and brick-oven pizza in a cosy, family-friendly atmosphere.

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The brief

Founder Shaz Khan and his team are actively looking at expansion opportunities. As the business continues to grow and open more restaurants and employ more people, the comparative analysis of the performance of the restaurants and the forecasting of sales, labor and cost of goods sold (COGS) becomes paramount.

On a high level, the management want to understand how each store compares to the other and what the differences are.

Making pizza at Tono

Our solution

5-Out is our restaurant sales forecasting tool. Powered by artificial intelligence, the software automatically ingests data not only from internal sources (POS, labour, reservations, events) but also external sources (weather, traffic, events) to accurately predict upcoming restaurant sales down to the hour. The forecasts help restaurant operators make accurate decisions regarding purchasing and staff rotas, reducing waste and saving money.

Multi-site operators can make easy and customisable comparisons of historic performance and forecast three weeks in advance. High and low trend lines make historical data and forecasts easy to follow and mean restaurateurs can control their labor and purchasing costs in real time.

5-Out dashboard

What our clients say

“I trust 5-Out’s forecasts because I have never had reason not to. It has never given me false data, something outlandish, or data that requires manual intervention.

The nice thing about having a technology partner like 5-Out is that you get to understand your baseline and it becomes second nature. You just know on a Friday you’re going to do this number of checks or on a Wednesday you’re going to make this amount of dollars. You get a pulse on the business so you can operate without being blind. That’s where it’s at.”

Shaz Khan, Founder, Tono Pizzeria + Cheesesteaks

Pizzas at Tono