Kashif Yamin

SVP Data & Strategy

Kashif Yamin

Kash leads the Alliants Data & Strategy team.  As a commercially astute leader with a deep knowledge of data driven decision making, Kash is devoted to helping hospitality and travel companies optimise their customer experience and make winning decisions, using his experience spanning marketing, product, operations and commercial functions across a host of travel and hospitality businesses.

Kash’s passion for data has been evident throughout a distinguished career, starting at KPMG, where he built a simulator for retail store decision making and helping corporate and private equity clients investing in digital business such as On the Beach and a variety of digital travel businesses.   After leaving KPMG he then went on to senior industry leadership roles including CMO for Holiday Extras, the UK’s leading travel ancillaries business and Commercial Director for Travel Republic, a leading OTA.  Kash also founded Incisively, his own SaaS Machine Learning optimisation platform delivering solutions to hospitality customers.

During his time with Alliants, Kash has led the eCommerce Digital Test and Learn programme with Four Seasons and the Samsung Digital Strategy.

In his spare time Kash loves walking his dog and occasionally gets permission to play golf, cricket and is a keen social poker player.