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Heather Byron

VP of Consulting

Heather Byron

Heather has 25 years of global experience in transformation, turnaround, programme delivery and business development for market-leading organisations. She is focused, fast-paced and analytical, and thrives on working in challenging situations. She is an expert in delivering complex, multi-faceted programmes of business and operational transformation and passionately believes in working with organisations and their leaders to develop and implement cost-effective, future-proof strategies. 

Whether she is providing strategic advice to leadership teams, redesigning business models to address changing customer expectations and business disruption or leading major transformation and change programmes, she ensures the customer is at the heart of it all.

For Heather, the pace of progression in technology and data is thrilling. Balancing those enablers, alongside people and process efficiency, is what she finds the most exciting and impactful in allowing businesses to deliver sustainable, differentiated customer experiences.

Outside of the office, you will usually find Heather with her husband and two daughters on the water in a boat or up a mountain on a bike!