June 14, 2024



“Swiftonomics”: How Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is Boosting Europe’s Economy

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift knows how to do, it's putting on a show. But her 2024 Eras Tour is doing much more than just wowing fans with spectacular performances—it’s giving Europe’s economy a serious boost.

Taylor swift performing at her behemoth eras tour ©Disney.

Taylor swift performing at her behemoth eras tour ©Disney.

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift knows how to do, it's putting on a show. But her 2024 Eras Tour is doing much more than just wowing fans with spectacular performances—it’s giving Europe’s economy a serious boost. 

Eras Tour attendees—averaging around 54,000 fans per concert during the first leg of the U.S. tour—flocked to host cities, spending on hotels, transportation, food, merchandise, and more, significantly boosting local tourism. A study revealed that the average spend per Eras Tour attendee is an impressive $1,327.74.

While Swift's tour reportedly injected nearly $5 billion into the U.S. economy, her 18-stop European tour is projected to have an even greater economic impact.

Europe's extensive transport network will likely distribute the benefits beyond the immediate vicinity of the stadiums. Additionally, the summer season presents an opportunity for fans to combine attending the concert with their holiday plans, further boosting local economies.

If that wasn’t reason enough, Swift is performing new tracks from a double album she released in April, which has attracted even more attention. This is promising news for the pop star’s American fans, many of whom have flocked to Paris in numbers five times greater than for the Olympics to watch Swift perform.

This phenomenon, now cleverly dubbed “Swiftonomics,” illustrates the far-reaching effects of Swift’s major entertainment event on regional financial health. As Swift's tour progresses internationally, the power of Swiftonomics continues to prove itself, boosting local economies worldwide.

Taylor swift concert ©Disney.

European Fans Are “Ready For It” 

One of the most immediate effects of Swift’s tour is the surge in tourism. Fans from across the globe are flocking to European cities to catch a glimpse of their favorite artist. Cities like London, Paris, Berlin, and Rome are experiencing a notable increase in hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, and other travel-related activities. 

During Taylor Swift's European Eras tour, hotel prices are set to soar, especially in certain cities. Warsaw leads with a staggering 154% rate increase, followed by Stockholm at 119% and Liverpool at 115%. Vienna will see a rise of 88%, while Edinburgh and Hamburg follow closely with 84% and 82% increases, respectively. 

Lyon's hotel prices will increase by 55%, Zurich by 53%, and Essen by 50%. Smaller cities are also expected to experience significant price hikes, as most visitors are there primarily for the concerts. Hotels in these cities will fully capitalize on the event dates, raising their prices accordingly to account for capacity.

“Style” Surge: Boom in Local Retail

In addition to tourism, the retail sector is also benefiting from the Eras Tour. Concertgoers are eager to purchase memorabilia, concert attire, and other merchandise. According to Euro News, the average spending for a single UK concert is more than 12 times the cost of a typical UK night out, which is around £70. Overall, Swifties are expected to boost the UK economy by some £997 million. 

Pop-up shops and local stores stocking official Taylor Swift merchandise are also experiencing unprecedented sales. Beyond official merchandise—around £79 per fan—local businesses selling related products, such as themed clothing and accessories, are also seeing a significant uptick in sales.

Shaking Off Unemployment with Era’s Employment Increase

“Swiftonomics” also extends to job creation. The influx of tourists and concertgoers necessitates additional staffing in various industries. Hotels, restaurants, and retail stores often hire extra workers to manage the increased business.

Additionally, the tour itself requires a substantial workforce, including security personnel, event staff, dancers, and technical crews. During last year’s U.S. leg, between 500 and 800 temporary positions were created per event, reducing unemployment rates in host cities throughout the tour's duration.

For instance, Swift’s weekend in Los Angeles alone had a total economic impact of $320 million, creating roughly 3,300 jobs.

Fans “Stay Stay Stay” Past Concerts, Amplifying Economic Impact

Beyond merely attending concerts, fans often extend their stays, significantly boosting local economies through spending on dining, hotels, shopping, and guided tours, creating an economic multiplier effect. 

“Everyone can agree Taylor Swift is a cultural force to be reckoned with, but perhaps not everyone appreciates the economic impact she has on the places she visits,” Lechmanova says in an interview with Forbes

During the pop star’s U.S. Eras Tour last year, spending at restaurants within a 2.5-mile radius of her concert venues saw a 68% increase per day, while hotel expenditures rose by 47% in the same area, according to the Mastercard Economic Institute. 

The European summer tour allows fans to combine concerts with holidays (and the 2024 Paris Olympics), which is expected to “boost the economy of European cities further,” Lechmanova wrote.

Alliants’ Role: Enhancing the Fan Experience and Economic Impact

While Taylor Swift’s era tour drives economic growth, Alliants is elevating the fan experience, further increasing economic benefits. We have partnered with numerous hospitality businesses to optimize services for the flood of concertgoers. Our technology solutions simplify bookings, improve customer service, and offer personalized recommendations, ensuring that fans have memorable stays in concert cities.

Alliants’ CEO, Tristan Gadsby, highlights, “Our goal is to make every guest’s experience exceptional by automating the ordinary and delivering the extraordinary. Through partnering with hotels and local businesses, we help them manage the surge in demand effectively, ultimately contributing to the local economy.”

With Alliants' innovative technology, fans can effortlessly plan their trips, secure accommodations, and enjoy unique experiences, making their concert visits even more enjoyable for local economies.

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