January 11, 2022


Watson Farley & Williams 'Splitting the Capex Pie' webinar

Kevin Edwards joins a panel of experts in Watson Farley & Williams 'Splitting the Capex Pie' webinar to discuss the changing nature of hotel investment.

Hotel room door being opened

Hotel room door being opened

Moderated by Katherine Doggrell, Co-Founder of NewDog PR, a panel of experts Asli Kutlucan (Cycas Hospitality), Guus Bakker (Frasers Hospitality), Kathrin Cockhill (HotStats), Felicity Jones (Watson Farley & Williams) and Kevin Edwards (Alliants) will discuss the changing nature of hotel investment and what this means for owners.

Kevin said: "At Alliants, because we focus on improving the guest and employee experience within hotels, we have never been busier. We are seeing a real drive from forward-thinking hotel owners, particularly private equity (PE) firms. Traditionally, private equity had very little interest in investing in technology because it was simply seen as a cost.

This has now changed. PE firms now realise they can invest in technology to drive additional revenue and asset values on exit. We are working with a very large PE firm with a portfolio of 15 UK hotels and the business case is startling.

With a £2m investment in technology, they are going to generate £14m EBITDA. Suddenly you’ve got a very compelling business case. Add that to your enterprise value on exit and investment in hotel technology makes a huge amount of sense."

Date: January 20th 2022
Time: 9am-10am GMT
To register - https://www.linkedin.com/events/thecontinuedevaluationofhotelin6886673430301749248/

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