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April 11, 2024


Tristan Gadsby

Revolutionizing Guest Messaging: Alliants' App Leads the Way in Rich Messaging

Alliants guest messaging app

Alliants guest messaging app

With the rapid digitization of the hospitality sector, the industry has come to appreciate the vital role of communication in delivering an exceptional guest experience. Alliants has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature in its app that is set to redefine communication standards in the industry.

This innovative feature, called Guest Messaging, allows guests to interact seamlessly with hotel staff in their preferred language across a variety of digital channels. This not only enhances the guest’s stay but also personalizes their entire experience.

But what makes this feature so groundbreaking?

More than 70% of stays at leading properties use messaging, demonstrating the demand for quality messaging experiences. Furthermore, messaging users experience a 130% increase in average booking value, identifying a significant, profitable market segment.

Additionally, messaging significantly boosts financial outcomes, with users generating ten times the ancillary revenue per booking compared to non-users. This indicates robust potential for upselling and cross-selling, with top properties achieving more than a 35% attach rate of ancillaries, contributing to an annual ancillary revenue of $30 million.

This groundbreaking technology is far from just a passing trend. It's quickly becoming the essential element of guest services worldwide, transforming our approach to interaction and satisfaction in the hospitality industry. With Guest Messaging, Alliants is not merely following the current trends—it's setting the future standard of guest communication.

The Power of Guest Messaging

The integration of messaging with internal hotel systems optimizes communication, facilitating smoother interactions with guests and among staff, which in turn frees up time for delivering personalized services. The result is a significant boost in productivity, guest satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue.

However, the benefits of automated texting extend beyond operational efficiency. It unlocks a myriad of opportunities for engaging with guests, ranging from opt-in marketing campaigns brimming with travel insights and exclusive deals to post-stay “thank you’s” that leave a lasting impact.

Benefits for Guests

Our guest messaging platform is designed to enhance guest experience’s and provide them with convenience, efficiency, personalized service allowing guests to use a messaging channel of their choice to allow for greater levels of adoption.

No More Wasting Time on the Phone or at the Front Desk

Guests can avoid the inconvenience of extended wait times by phone or at the front desk. Our messaging service allows guests to connect with us whenever and wherever you are, ensuring prompt assistance without the need to wait in queues.

Have a History of Your Interactions

Our platform keeps a detailed history of all guest interactions, ensuring that they never have to repeat themselves. Whether guests are following up on a previous request or discussing a new topic, we have their conversation history at hand, making every interaction seamless and informed.

Make Requests or Ask for Assistance on Your Channel of Choice

Guests are in control of how they communicate. Whether it's through texting, messaging on social media, or using a specific app, Alliants' platform supports multiple channels. Guests can make requests, ask questions, or seek assistance from wherever they are, on whichever channel they prefer.

Benefits for Staff

Our guest messaging platform offers numerous benefits for staff, empowering them to deliver exceptional service with confidence and efficiency. By providing a centralized, intuitive interface, it streamlines communication between guests and staff. This not only speeds up response times but also ensures that staff can manage requests and inquiries more effectively, leading to improved guest satisfaction and operational productivity. Messaging also drives operational efficiency, handling over 92 million messages and providing real-time insights into guest needs and sentiments across 25 languages, utilized by hundreds of guests and staff.

Share Conversations with Colleagues and Other Properties

Our messaging system allows staff members to seamlessly share conversations with colleagues within the organization and across different properties. This encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and ensures consistent guest experiences regardless of who they interact with.

Escalations to Ensure Every Guest Gets a Response

With our escalation features, staff can ensure that every guest query or concern receives an immediate and personalized response. This preemptive approach helps in addressing guest needs quickly, leading to higher guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Speak to Guests in Their Own Language on Their Channel of Choice

Our platform supports communication in over 100 languages across 14 channels, allowing guests to send messages in their preferred language and on their preferred communication channel. This customization enhances guest comfort and understanding, leading to more meaningful interactions and yielding positive outcomes.

Embracing Automated Texting for Enhanced Guest Experience

Automated texting is not merely a tool but a strategic approach that prioritizes the guest experience by leveraging technology to meet the modern traveler’s demand for convenience, personalization, and efficiency. As we navigate the changing world of hospitality, embracing this digital revolution can be the key to staying ahead in the competitive game of guest satisfaction.

Whether you’re managing a quaint B&B or a growing hotel chain, the potential benefits of automated texting are endless. Beyond serving as a communication channel, this feature is a gateway to enhancing every facet of the guest experience—one text at a time.

Discover Guest Messaging with Alliants’ Experience Platform

Alliants' Guest Messaging feature within our platform revolutionizes hotels' interactions with guests, streamlining communication, improving operations, and markedly increasing guest satisfaction levels. Embracing this digital evolution is imperative for hotels striving to meet guest expectations efficiently in today's competitive environment.

Learn more about Alliants' Guest Messaging feature today, and explore our other products and services.