Press Release


May 9, 2024


Tristan Gadsby

Les Clefs d'Or and Alliants: Paving the Way for Future Innovations in Hospitality at the 2024 Bali Congress

In the fast-moving world of hospitality, Les Clefs d'Or symbolizes masterful levels of service through friendship and professionalism. This prestigious association of hotel concierges, symbolized by the iconic golden keys pinned on their lapels, represents the highest standard of guest service in the hospitality industry.

Recently, this group of elite concierges partnered with Alliants for a remarkable long-term collaboration. This partnership was kicked off at the 2024 Les Clefs d'Or Congress in Bali, Indonesia—an event that not only celebrated the finest in hospitality but also set the stage for future innovations in guest service.

Who is Les Clefs d’Or?

Les Clefs d'Or, French for "The Golden Keys," is an international association of professional hotel concierges and one of the oldest hospitality nonprofit organizations in the industry. The organization, formally known as the Union Internationale des Concierges d'Hôtels (UICH), represents concierges of the highest caliber from over 50 countries. It aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas between its members and provide guidance through its network to improve the quality of service members provide to guests.

Members of Les Clefs d'Or are easily recognizable by the golden keys they display on their lapels. These keys symbolize their commitment to providing exceptional service. The association's members adhere to a strict code of ethics and are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of their profession through training, networking, and professional development.

The ultimate goal of Les Clefs d'Or is to enhance the tourism and hospitality industry by fostering an environment where concierges can perform at their best, thereby improving the guest experience worldwide.

The Power of a Network

At its core, Les Clefs d'Or is about connectivity and support. Its members often go beyond the call of duty to assist guests, driven by an ethos of service through friendship.

This powerful network enables a rapid exchange of local knowledge and expertise, facilitation of guest needs, and ensuring that every guest's stay is as memorable as it is seamless. Whether it’s securing a last-minute reservation or arranging unique travel experiences that you can’t find online or at a front desk, the concierges of Les Clefs d'Or make the impossible possible.

Alliants support Les Clefs d’Or at their 2024 Bali Congress with an educational day about technology.

The 2024 Les Clefs d'Or Congress in Bali served as a demonstration of the symbiotic relationship between traditional hospitality and modern technology. At the event, Alliants provided a fresh perspective on the integration of technology with the human touch of service through a full educational day of presentations and workshops.

As a guest speaker, Tristan Gadsby, CEO of Alliants, shared insights on the changing world of guest services and how harnessing technology can enhance these interactions without losing the personal touch that defines luxury hospitality.

Gadsby’s speech at the congress was a highlight, resonating deeply with hospitality professionals. He discussed the challenges and opportunities in today’s service-driven environment, emphasizing the need for tools—such as AI—that not only simplify operations but also deepen guest connections when used in the right ways.

His vision of a technology-enhanced future, where every guest interaction is personalized and memorable, aligns with the values of Les Clefs d'Or, making Alliants not just a service provider but a partner in redefining hospitality service.

Afterward, Alliants hosted an educational workshop day where members were able to interact with customized artificial intelligence models to help craft itineraries, enhance stays, facilitate requests, and more.  By providing hands-on kinetic learning, concierges both young and old could further understand how they can use artificial intelligence and technology to their advantage in elevating guest experiences at their properties.

How Alliants is Enhancing Concierge Services

Alliants' solutions enhance hotel guest interactions by seamlessly integrating into concierges' daily workflows, boosting their ability to provide personalized service. From a unified guest profile for every customer that walks into a property, to messaging platforms that facilitate direct communication, to innovative mobile apps that offer real-time service management, Alliants empowers hospitality professionals to elevate their guest engagement to new heights.

The Future of Hospitality

The Alliants and Les Clefs d'Or partnership at the Bali Congress marks the start of a significant transformation. As hospitality evolves, blending technology with personalized service becomes crucial and more technology providers must support organizations like Les Clefs d’Or. This collaboration aims to raise standards, making sure that Les Clefs d'Or stays ahead of the industry curve so their iconic keys represent not just traditional excellence but also forward-thinking innovation in guest experience management.