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March 29, 2024


Tristan Gadsby

Meet Our Team: Introducing the Leadership Team at Alliants

At Alliants, we attribute our success to the exceptional expertise, unwavering dedication, and visionary leadership of our team. Each member brings a distinct blend of skills and experiences, contributing to the growth and innovation of our company. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce you to our talented leadership team in this exclusive “Meet Our Team" feature.

Meet Our Team

Tristan Gadsby - CEO & Founder

Tristan, the Co-Founder and CEO of Alliants, is deeply committed to elevating customer experiences for luxury hotel, travel, and retail brands worldwide. His background in education and extensive experience gained during his decade-long tenure at Accenture, where he collaborated with renowned companies such as Prudential and British Airways, add immense value to his leadership role at Alliants.

Tristan is not only a distinguished speaker at industry events but also a notable contributor to research on the pivotal role of technology in enhancing hospitality experiences.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Tristan finds joy in sailing, savoring dark chocolate digestives, and treasuring precious moments with his three children and wife.

Nick Daniels - CPO & Founder

Nick has a rich background in launching and scaling rapid-growth IT services and staffing firms. His entrepreneurial journey includes successfully building and selling three businesses—two in staffing/recruitment, boasting turnovers of £15 million and £3.5 million respectively, and one in IP networking services with an impressive turnover of £28 million—prior to founding Alliants.

Having played a pivotal role in the growth of Babylon Health, Nick has since become a driving force in assisting leading Hospitality and Travel companies in adopting cutting-edge technologies to elevate customer experiences. His recent collaboration with Four Seasons exemplifies his dedication to advancing digital strategies within the industry.

Nick's unwavering passion is centered around ensuring consistent and exceptional service delivery on a global scale. He achieves this by seamlessly integrating digital innovations with operational excellence, resulting in unparalleled customer satisfaction and business success.

Chris Bennett - Chief Financial Officer

Chris brings more than 15 years of extensive experience in Accounting and Finance across diverse sectors including Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, Information Technology (IT), Software, and Aviation. Throughout his illustrious career, he has held pivotal positions at esteemed companies such as Zip Co Ltd, L3Harris Technologies Inc, Equiniti PLC, and American Express Inc, where he played a vital role in shaping financial strategies and driving key initiatives.

Chris's international exposure, having worked at both the European HQ in London and the Global HQ in New York for four years, has enriched his perspective and expertise significantly.

One of Chris's core strengths is his ability to collaborate effectively with Senior and Board level stakeholders to optimize revenue, reduce costs, and manage cash flow efficiently. His strategic mindset and financial acumen consistently yield tangible results, bringing substantial value to the organizations he serves.

Beyond his work responsibilities, Chris takes pleasure in spending quality time with his two children, indulging in his love for football both as a spectator and player, and savoring memorable dinners with his wife.

Andrew Pirret - SVP Product

Andrew joined Alliants after his tenure as the Director of Digital Operations at Four Seasons, where he led the oversight of digital guest experiences and staff operational systems. His significant accomplishments include pioneering the development and management of the Four Seasons Mobile App, Chat platform, and Concierge system, which played a pivotal role in elevating Four Seasons to the top position in the Luxury Hotel Digital IQ Index.

Before his time at Four Seasons, Andrew held operational roles at prestigious properties such as Four Seasons London and Hampshire, and One Hyde Park, a Mandarin Oriental Residence.

Apart from his career obligations, Andrew is a devoted husband and father, married with three young children. He also enjoys the company of Moose, the head office dog, which brings warmth and joy to his daily routine.

Heather Byron - SVP Services

Heather brings a wealth of 25 years of global experience in transformation, turnaround, program delivery, and business development to her role. Renowned for her adeptness in navigating challenging situations, Heather is recognized for her focused, fast-paced approach, and strong analytical skills. She specializes in delivering intricate business and operational transformation programs, collaborating closely with organizations and their leaders to craft cost-effective and future-proof strategies.

Heather's passion lies in placing the customer at the forefront of strategic initiatives, whether she's providing counsel to leadership teams, reimagining business models, or spearheading major transformation projects. She thrives on the rapid pace of technological and data advancements, believing in a balanced approach that integrates these enablers with people and process efficiency to deliver sustainable and distinctive customer experiences.

In her personal life, Heather cherishes spending quality time with her husband and two daughters. Whether they're out on the water in a boat or exploring mountains on bikes, Heather embraces adventures and quality moments with her loved ones.

Kashif Yamin - SVP Data & Strategy

Kash leads the Alliants Data & Strategy team, drawing on his extensive expertise in data-driven decision-making to empower hospitality and travel companies in enhancing customer experiences and making impactful decisions. With a versatile background covering marketing, product development, operations, and commercial functions within the travel and hospitality sectors, Kash's passion for data is deeply ingrained in his career journey.

His professional path began at KPMG, where he pioneered a retail store decision-making simulator and provided strategic guidance to clients venturing into digital businesses such as On the Beach and other digital travel ventures. Subsequently, Kash assumed pivotal leadership roles as CMO for Holiday Extras and Commercial Director for Travel Republic. Additionally, he established his own SaaS machine-learning platform, Incisively, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation.

At Alliants, Kash has led impactful projects like the eCommerce Digital Test and Learn program with Four Seasons and spearheaded the Samsung Digital Strategy initiative, highlighting his strategic acumen and ability to drive digital transformation.

In his leisure hours, Kash finds joy in spending time with his loyal canine companion, engaging in occasional rounds of golf and cricket, and partaking in social poker games.

Nick Wood - VP Customer Operations

Nick brings a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years across telecoms, media, advertising, analytics consulting, and data technology. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership in building and directing operational, digital analytics, consulting, project, and customer success teams, delivering sustainable solutions. His senior roles at renowned international organizations such as TMP Worldwide,, and Vodafone, coupled with his directorship at digital agencies and consultancies, have equipped him with a deep understanding of the data-driven value chain and a proven track record in forming successful partnerships.

In his role at Alliants, Nick leads the Customer Operations teams, overseeing Support, Information Security, and DevOps functions. An interesting twist of fate has brought him back to his roots, as the Alliants head office is conveniently located near his childhood home and secondary school.

Outside of his professional sphere, Nick is a family man, happily married with two boys and an avid supporter of Southampton FC. He enjoys sharing the highs and lows of being a dedicated fan with his loved ones.

Alberto Santana - Chief Revenue Officer

Alberto, a Miami native and avid traveler, is deeply immersed in travel technology, hospitality, cuisine, Miami sports teams (particularly The Miami Hurricanes Football), and diverse libations. He firmly believes in the transformative impact of travel and the value of connecting with various cultures. Alberto's overarching mission is to assist clients in reimagining guest interactions, enhancing staff efficiency, and driving digital innovation within the hospitality sector.

Boasting over two decades of experience in hospitality technology, Alberto is an esteemed expert in guest/customer engagement, operational excellence, staff motivation, and sales & marketing. His exceptional professionalism and notable achievements have earned him widespread recognition, solidifying his reputation as a memorable and enthusiastic leader in the industry.

In his personal life, Alberto enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two daughters.

The Alliants Way

At Alliants, our leadership team is committed to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to serving our clients and driving success for Alliants in the years ahead.

We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the hospitality, travel, and retail industries, and we look forward to partnering with our clients to create exceptional digital experiences for their customers.

Shaping Future Guest Experiences for Top Global Brands

Alliants is a trusted digital partner for the top hospitality, travel, and retail brands worldwide. With our expertise and resources, we help our clients succeed by creating the guest experience platform of the future. Our focus is on efficient staff training, smooth technology adoption, and a quick return on investment.

We understand the power of precise operational procedures, technology solutions, and data-driven insights in exceeding guest expectations. We have partnered with the world's most esteemed hotel, travel, and retail brands, redefining the digital guest experience.

At Alliants, we value diversity and unity, empowering our teams to drive extraordinary outcomes.

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