November 22, 2021


HOSPACE heralds technology shift

HOSPACE illustrated that the sector was starting to appreciate the value of technology in delivering the customer journey, with the market’s leaders drawn to the opportunity it represents.



Kate Nicholls, CEO, UKHospitality told delegates that hoteliers were no longer scared of technology and could see how it can improve the guest experience rather than damage it, working in concert with team members. “A vending machine can give you a service but only a person can give you an experience”. Kate added that it could “automate the mundane and free up your staff to focus on the guest experience”, with the potential to ease what has been described as the ‘people pandemic’.


Use of technology in the sector has fallen victim to concerns over costs and the difficulty of implementation, with many early adopters burned and putting others off experimenting. The use of the cloud and the rise of systems which have been honed so that they are now more intuitive means that hotels need no longer be afraid. And as we heard at HOSPACE, they are shining a light in difficult times.

About Alan

Alan O'Riordan is the VP for Sales at Alliants and spends his time helping some of the world’s most respected luxury hospitality brands deliver exceptional customer experiences. Millions of users around the globe use Alliants technology as guests of the world’s most luxurious hotels and brands. Alan has spent over 20 years in senior positions with hotel technology vendors in guest experience, PMS, Point of Sale and CRS/distribution. Alan joined Alliants from apaleo, an enterprise cloud PMS vendor where he served as co-founder.

Alan has an in-depth understanding of the hotel tech landscape to enable him to advise hoteliers on strategies to transform the guest experience.