Press Release


November 28, 2019


Tristan Gadsby

Are you losing control of your guest experience?

With rising guest expectations and the need to deliver seamless guest experiences, are you losing control as you wrestle with your legacy room centric technologies?

Luxury Hotel

Luxury Hotel

The core hotel technology, the Property Management System, was conceived at a time before any technology was put in the hands of the guests. At a time before the internet. At a time when travel agent painstakingly pulled together itineraries. At a time when the room was the primary focus.

Today guests expect more than just a room. They expect an experience. An experience that is seamless, for all members of the party, not just the primary guest.

This is where the legacy technologies start to impact the experience unless hotels adopt solutions that enable guest centricity. So what are the characteristics of a Guest Centric Solution?

Guest centric solutions allow for instant recognition of guests, ensuring the service is tailored to their needs across all touchpoints
Guest centric solutions understand that travellers adopt different personas for different trip types, from a couples getaway to a group vacation or a business trip
Guest centric solutions are aware of where the guest is in their journey, from pre-booking to pre-arrival, in-stay and post-departure tailoring the experience accordingly.
Guest centric solutions allow guests to communicate seamlessly across their channels of choice.
Guest centric solutions are localised allowing guests to interact in their language and currency of choice.
Guest centric solutions leverage data to improve the experience.

Modern Property Management Systems are starting to adopt guest centric principles, for example, Mews Systems but for many changing these systems is unlikely to happen in the near term.

We also see increased adoption of Customer Relationship Management platforms, in particular Salesforce, but these do not solve a hotel's guest centricity. For this, modern hotels have evolved to adopt a Guest Experience Platform alongside the room-centric Property Management System and a staff-centric Hotel Operating System.

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