Press release

December 6, 2021


Alliants team donates presents to children's charity - SCRATCH

A big thank you to the Alliants team who donated 112 presents to SCRATCH - a charity who provide toys and gifts to children and young people who otherwise may not receive Christmas presents.

Nick, Juulia and Ashley

Nick, Juulia and Ashley

Members of the Alliants team Sebastian, Samantha, Nick, Ashley, Juulia and Natalie also spent an afternoon at SCRATCH HQ helping pick and collate presents for families ready for distribution.

Ashley, Nick and Juulia at Scratch HQ selecting and collating presents
Sebastian and Samantha checking and boxing up presents

Alliants support desk manager, Sebastian Burridge said “The team at Alliants have once again exceeded themselves with their donations and kindness.  This year we also took a team to volunteer with SCRATCH at their sorting depot, which was a truly rewarding experience.  We have made a few children receive the Christmas all kids deserve this year and, I look forward to Alliants doing it all again next year”.


If you would like to learn more about SCRATCH, donate or volunteer, please visit