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June 27, 2024



Alliants Combined Product Launch

Alliants unveils a myriad of new features and enhancements to elevate hotelier personalization capabilities

Southampton, England – 26 June, 2024 – Alliants, a global leader in hospitality digital guest experiences, is pleased to announce a series of innovative product launches and enhancements designed to elevate customer and staff experiences. Reflecting on the unwavering commitment to listening to customers and acting on their feedback, these updates underscore Alliants’ dedication to consistently improving and delivering superior solutions.

Introducing Allin: The Future of Generative AI in Hospitality

Allin is Alliants’ cutting-edge generative AI feature designed to transform your staff capabilities. Whether acting as a chatbot or a sidekick to your staff, Allin handles routine queries, decides when to escalate requests, and suggests responses based on comprehensive data sets you feed into Allin, such as your unified profiles. This feature saves time and enhances the personal touch of your service, ensuring your guests are valued and attended to at all times.

Provision guest keys directly to their digital wallets

Guests can experience a seamless arrival by opting for digital keys compatible with mobile devices. Add a layer of convenience and efficiency at check-in for staff and guests, even without needing an app. This cutting-edge technology simplifies the experience for guests, including in-app and web-based key provisioning to digital wallet passes. Allow your guests to avoid front desk queues with the convenience and flexibility of digital key technology.

Operational and Service Excellence with Hestia

Hestia offers dashboards that centralize multiple data sets across the guest experience. Get in-the-moment feedback through sentiment analysis instead of solely relying on post-stay surveys. Additionally you can unlock real-time benchmarks against competitors, improved marketing campaign analytics, and efficient table management all within a single platform. 

Discover New Experiences with Recommends

Recommends is a destination web experience for guests, allowing hotels to showcase their top experiences and offerings. Guests can discover new activities and collaborate with staff at their convenience while your team curates each experience through custom digital itineraries, ensuring a personalized journey from start to finish. 

Improve Targeted Engagement with Audiences

With Audiences, hoteliers no longer rely on multiple disparate systems to understand, communicate, and generate revenue with guests. Users can quickly identify and target receptive audiences by simply choosing the parameters of guest behaviors and preferences. By unifying these capabilities within the Alliants Experience Platform (AXP), Audiences provides a holistic view of guests, enabling timely and relevant marketing communications that drive higher engagement and enhanced revenue.

Enhanced HotSOS Integration: Real-Time Guest Service Updates

Our enhanced HotSOS Integration ensures guest-facing staff have real-time updates on order statuses and room conditions within one app. This high refresh rate feature allows staff to provide timely and informed responses, enhancing the guest experience and saving your team time.

Why Choose Alliants?

Alliants are dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement. We believe in the rapid evolution of digital guest engagement and are all in on putting the guest experience at the heart of what we do. By leveraging customer feedback and putting the user experience first, we can make informed development decisions that ensure our solutions remain cutting-edge and effective by automating the ordinary and delivering the extraordinary.

Discover how Alliants can transform your guest experience, no matter the size or scale of your property. Join us in embracing the future of digital guest engagement.

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About Alliants

Alliants has helped many of the world’s most respected brands deliver exceptional customer experiences. Founded in 2009, Alliants has built industry-changing technology solutions, including award-winning mobile apps and chat applications that transform the digital guest experience garnering usage by millions of guests around the globe. In 2022, Alliants secured a minority stake investment from Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN), the global customer experience software company headquartered in San Francisco. In 2024, Alliants was recognized as a UK Best Workplace in Tech™, a certification solely based on employee feedback.

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