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May 13, 2022


Alliants becomes a Carbon Neutral Company

Alliants, the software company that delivers exceptional customer experiences, has officially achieved carbon neutral status.

Carbon Neutral Illustration

Carbon Neutral Illustration

Alliants, the software company that delivers exceptional customer experiences, has officially achieved carbon neutral status.

Alliants, which has more than 200 luxury hotel, travel and retail clients, worked with ClimatePartner, an organisation that helps businesses achieve their climate action goals.

The programme involved measuring Alliants’ carbon footprint and then offsetting it by supporting beneficial projects.

Carbon neutral status is one significant step in the company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) road-map and its journey towards net zero.

Hala Alsafadi, sustainability lead at Alliants, said: “We set ourselves the goal to be a carbon neutral company in 2022, and so we are delighted that this has been achieved within our first quarter. We will be working next on becoming a net zero business by setting science-based milestones that show how Alliants is planning to reduce its emissions year by year."

Alliants is supporting two projects in Africa to offset its carbon: the supply of clean drinking water in Sierra Leone and the financing of solar energy in Namibia. Both projects are independently verified and validated.

The Alliants ESG action plan is based upon the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals. These goals include health and wellbeing, education, equality, economic growth, and climate action.

Alsafadi said: “Facing global warming can no longer be the responsibility of governments alone. We are at a stage that requires partnership between public and private sectors as well as individuals. Each one of us can contribute and this is how things will start to change for the better.”

Alliants was found to generate a remarkably low level of carbon – 105,000 kilograms of CO2 per year - equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of 11 Europeans. And that’s for a company with 60 employees and clients across 15 time zones in 46 countries.

This is because of the measures Alliants has taken to reduce its carbon footprint, including a remote-working  policy (already in place before the pandemic) which greatly reduces indirect emissions caused by commuting and en-route purchases.

Tristan Gadsby, CEO, Alliants, said: “We are delighted to become a carbon neutral company and to continue our journey towards net zero. We firmly believe that Environment, Social and Governance criteria will facilitate top-line growth in the long run, attract talent, reduce costs, and forge a sense of trust among all of our stakeholders.”

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