Award winning guest messaging

Award winning guest messaging

Alliants Messaging Platform

Real time personalised guest messaging

Are you looking for a new way to increase your hotel revenue and maintain profitability?

Guests expectations have risen they expect great service, to deliver on this, hotels need to anticipate guest needs as well as react in real time to guest wants.

This is where our guest messaging platform can make an immediate difference by enhancing and personalising your guest experience to help increase ancillary revenue and encourage brand loyalty.

3 ways to outperform your competition with Alliants

Not just a guest messaging platform…

Our guest messaging platform has been developed by our management team who have both global and high growth company experience as well as deep industry knowledge from running multi-million dollar hospitality, travel and retail companies.

From developing digital strategies/roadmaps through to integrating and implementing software solutions to deliver seamless guest experiences, our experienced team can support and advise you.

Our success stories

“6.5% point increase in guest satisfaction - Increased upsell through outbound contact with guests - Deployed to 74 Hotels in 15 times zones managing 8 chat channels”

Digital Operations Director, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Key features of our guest messaging:

  • Single easy to use dashboard
  • Message your guest in app of their choice including WeChat, WhatsApp, in your app, web, SMS, Facebook Messenger, LINE and many more.
  • 2-way instant translation 100+ languages
  • Easy to up-sell special offers
  • Full archiving and retrieval of full guest history


  • Free 60 day trial
  • $3/room/month - $6/room/month

Already using guest messaging? - It’s quick and easy to move to us

Our guest messaging is a secure cloud-based SaaS platform (no installation required). Our customer success team can have your hotel live with guest messaging within a few days and our thorough on-boarding process ensures that your staff are fully trained and our transitioning testing process is thorough.


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