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Our leadership

Photo of Tristan Gadsby

Tristan Gadsby

CEO & Founder

After growing and selling a successful startup in the Education sector, Tristan began his corporate career at Andersen Consulting where he worked at board level with some of the world’s leading companies (including Prudential, American Express and British Airways).

Wanting to get back to running businesses, Tristan joined Opodo, a leading online travel agency, as Distribution Director. While at Opodo, he recognised the opportunity to build a consulting company that could support businesses in a dynamic digital age. Working with Nick, Alliants was born.

Photo of Nick Daniels

Nick Daniels

CPO & Founder

Nick’s early background was in starting and building fast growing IT services and Staffing firms - prior to founding Alliants he built and sold three businesses - two in staffing/recruitment (£15M t/o, £3.5M t/o) and one in IP Networking Services (£28M t/o). Since helping build and launch Babylon Health, Nick has helped some of the world’s leading Hospitality and Travel companies adopt emerging technologies to drive better customer experiences.

His passion is for ensuring that where the Digital experience meets Operations, excellent service is delivered consistently at a global scale.

Photo of Andrew Pirret

Andrew Pirret

VP Alliants Product

Andrew joined Alliants from Four Seasons where he held the position of Director of Digital Operations, looking after both digital guest experience and staff operational systems. In his time there he developed and ran the Four Seasons Chat platform and Concierge system.

During Andrew’s tenure Four Seasons moved from 17th to 1st in the Luxury Hotel Digital IQ Index. Prior to this, Andrew worked at the Four Seasons London and Hampshire properties as well as One Hyde Park, a Mandarin Oriental Residence in a variety of operational roles.

Photo of Vickie Miller

Vickie Miller

Customer Success Manager

Starting her hospitality career as a Concierge at the world-renowned Regent Beverly Wilshire, Vickie Miller segued into hospitality software, serving 14 years with GoConcierge, the legendary software provider, latterly as their Director of Training & Client Relations. Following the acquisition of GoConcierge, Vickie served as International Customer Success Manager for ALICE for almost two years before joining Alliants.

With her deep understanding of our target market, Vickie knows how to design products which our clients want and how to deliver those products so they are quickly adopted and become deeply embedded.