Maximise your Margins with Machine Learning

Incisively Optimisation is a machine learning platform designed to maximise margins and give you the optimum value from your data

The potential insights we can glean from our data is mind-blowing. We can now make informed tactical and operational decisions every second of the day. Given the speed of commerce, slight adjustments right now can have an immediate hit on the bottom line. But how do we keep pace and make more decisions, faster?

Incisively Optimisation combines the Incisively Insight Suite with our powerful machine learning engine to automate decision making. It enables you to instantly adapt to your customers and the market in real-time, making the best possible product, promotion, placement and price decisions for the optimum shareholder value.

Is your business using insight to make fast granular decisions that instantly boost your bottom line, and ultimately deliver the best possible value for your shareholders?

Incisively Optimisation is a machine learning platform that captures the best possible margin across all eCommerce applications. It is designed to enhance the Incisively Insight Suite, enabling you to get the optimum value from your data.

Incisively offers a unique combination of features, making it one of the most advanced solutions of its kind. Our patent-pending TrueValue engine uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to optimise for margin not just for clicks and conversion. It is designed to show the best performing variation to your customer and optimise complex real-value goals, such as revenue per visitor, total margin and average order value.

Powering FS Exclusive Offers with Machine Learning

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