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Hotel guest experience software

Power of conversation

Our guest messaging interface allows your guests to converse with you in the app of their choice including WeChat, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, LINE, SMS, web and many more.
We are offering the use of our Guest Messaging platform for NO CHARGE until the end of the year.
No setup fees
No onboarding costs
No long term contract
All training and installation can be done remotely
Allow your teams to stay connected with guests, staff and vendors while helping keep social distance

Main features

Message image
Message your guest in the app of their choice
languages image
2-way instant translation in over 100 languages
integrations image
No setup fees. No onboarding costs. No long term contract
laptop image
Single easy to use dashboard and smart templates

We can have your property up and running in less than 2 days.

Like to know more? Please email or book a meeting on the link below and we'll set up a call to help you ASAP.
Integration logos: Cendyn, Knowcross, Salesforce, Hapi, Infor, Oracle, HotSOS


Easy integration with your PMS

HAPI can easily connect with your PMS including Opera, Mews, Webrezpro, Infor, Logus, Epitome and many more.

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Messaging examples to make guest life easier

A phone with an example of pre-arrival message

The recommended approach before a guest arrives to a property is to send a message a few days before arrival to offer further assistance with booking experience or capturing the estimated time of arrival.

A phone with an example of a message with limo driver details

Finding a driver is always quite an effort when arriving at an airport. Messaging is a great way to provide the driver’s details up front to the guest so the guest knows who they should contact upon arrival.

A phone with an example of housekeeping message

How many times have you accidentally left on a Do Not Disturb sign? By using a proactive message you can avoid the disappointment of a guest returning to their room or residence after a long day and needing to call for service.

A phone with an example of a message informing that the room is ready

Avoid the need for guests to keep coming back to the desk to see if their room is ready by simply popping a note to them once it’s done!

Terms and Conditions of our Alliants Messaging offer.

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