Case Study

Four Seasons


Transforming hotel & resort guest experiences

Working intimately with Four Seasons, we've delivered a number of award-winning tools to support them in their mission to transform guest experiences and digitise the quality of hospitality and attention to detail that they're famous for. One of these is our Chat Platform that allows guests to use multiple chat channels to talk with a hotel before, during and after a stay and provides the workflow for managing and responding without impacting day to day hotel operations.


Alliants Messaging Platform allows Four Seasons to respond and action conversations in a single interface that streamlines the entire process and build relationships with its customers.


The mobile app and chat application has achieved critical aclaim:

“The Four Seasons leads the hotel space with its mobile app” Skift, 5 Travel Apps That Set the New Mobile Standard for the Industry

“Four Seasons appears to subscribe to the “if you can’t be first, you better be the best” school of thought.” Conde Nast Traveler

We continue to work closely with them on the ongoing delivery of their mobile app and omni-channel messaging service, as well as a suite of staff-facing platforms.


  • Quick adoption; 20K+ unique conversations from 30 Hotels within 6 months
  • Increased upsell through outbound contact with guests
  • Deployed to 74 Hotels in 15 times zones managing 8 chat channels


  • 6.5% point increase in guest satisfaction

"You guys have helped create such a game changer and placed FS at the front of hotel brands using chat!"

Andrew Pirret

Digital Operations Director, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts