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Crisis Support for Hotels and Restaurants

Do you wish to offer a click & collect or delivery service for your hotel or restaurant but don't have a website selling platform in place? We can help you.


No charge for our Alliants Messaging till end of 2020

To support the industry we love, we think the best way for us to contribute is to provide access to the Alliants Messaging platform at NO COST until the end of the year, no strings attached.

Guest Experience

2020 HTNG TechOvation Award - Vote for Us

Introducing our new Guest Experience platform, the must-have tool for the modern hotelier. Please 'like' our video to help us to the next stage of the judging process.


Platinum Sponsors of Les Clefs d'Or 67th International Congress

Andrew Pirret, Vice President of Concierge Software for Alliants will be presenting at the 67th International Congress in New Delhi, India.

Zendesk Relate Conference 2020

Andrew Pirret - Session speaker at Zendesk Relate Conference 2020

Like to know more about building the best customer experience? Learn about Zendesk Sunshine from businesses that are already soaking up the sun.


10 Things a Hotel Concierge Can Do for Your Guests

With technology, incredible guest experiences are accessible to any hotel who seeks to improve review scores, increase incremental revenue, and build guest loyalty.

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Space Tourism: Lessons from Companies on the Next Frontier

With heavyweights like Elon Musk and Richard Branson investing in space tourism, there are a lot of cues the hotel industry can take from this growing field.

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Luxury Hotel

Are you losing control of your guest experience?

With rising guest expectations and the need to deliver seamless guest experiences, are you losing control as you wrestle with your legacy room centric technologies?

What you can do?
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Hospitality Service 4.0

Technology and digital innovation can transform hotel operations and guest experiences, delivering on the true promise of hospitality, improving customer satisfaction and employee efficiency

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