Trace19 FAQs for businesses

Thank you for using our Trace19 customer registration system, please find below some of our most FAQ's.

1. What data do you collect from the customer?

We collect the customer's mobile phone number and the date/time they checked into your venue.

2. How long is customer data stored for?

Customer data is held securely inline with GDPR regulations for the required Government period (21 days) before being deleted.

3. How do I access the customer data if requested by NHS Test and Trace system?

You can download your customer data from within your Trace19 dashboard if requested by the NHS.

4. Do I have permission to use the customer check in data for marketing purposes?

No. Customer check in data is only to be used for the purposes of aiding NHS Test and Trace purposes.

5. How is customer check in data used?

Customer check in data is never sold or passed onto other 3rd party providers other than as specified in our Terms and Conditions for NHS Test and Tracing purposes..

6. How much does Trace19 cost?

There are 2 pricing options available:

Option 1: Trace19 is free for venues and there are no upfront or running costs. Trace19 costs £1 for the customer with 25p going to NHS Charities Together. Plus standard network charges apply.

Option 2: You will be charged £0.30 per customer check in starting with a minimum of £30 per month. You will be charged directly to your credit card.

7. How do I generate my QR code?

We will generate your personalised QR code for you to use on your marketing materials. We also will provide you with an A4 poster that can be emailed or printed to use immediately to let customers know how to register.

8. Who are Alliants?

Alliants consultancy services and data products have helped some of the world's most respected luxury hotel, travel and retail brands become data driven businesses. Founded in London in 2009, Alliants design, develop and deliver digital guest experiences for leading hotel brands. With our customers we have built industry changing technology solutions including award winning mobile apps. Millions of users around the globe use our technology including Four Seasons, Jumeirah and Emirates Holidays.

9. How do I sign up?

To sign up, please visit

If you have any other questions, please do contact us at

All the best,

The Alliants Trace19 Team