Tristan Gadsby


Spends his time working with top teams on the challenges of running a business in the digital age.

After graduating in Physics, Tristan built a successful start-up that developed the first online revision aids to market. After selling the business he joined Andersen Consulting, a leading global management consultancy, where he spent 10 years working at board level with some of the worlds leading companies in both the UK and US, including, Prudential, American Express, British Airways and more.

After developing a passion for the dynamic world of online businesses, Tristan joined Opodo, a leading online travel agency, as Distribution Director. Learning the rules of running a business in the digital age, Tristan spotted the opportunity to build a Consulting and Ruby on Rails Development company for this new world. After 18 months of growing this business in the UK and Romania, Tristan started working closely with a specialist recruitment firm to secure the specific skills needed. In 2009 the businesses merged and Alliants was born. Since then, Tristan has been focused on building out the hybrid Consulting, Recruitment and Development model that defines Alliants, working at the top levels with a number of household brands, including, Virgin, Travelport, Chartis, Holiday Extras and many more.In his spare time, Tristan tries to fit as much sport as possible around a hectic family life with three kids, with a spot of tennis, cricket, cycling, football and skiing.

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