Katy Magrane

I joined Alliants after more than 10 years as an in-house Product Owner/Manager for various companies spanning publishing, online payments, ecommerce, self-service account management, software distribution and online recruitment.

The key theme of my time in Product has been a constant drive to do whatever needs to be done to solve problems for businesses and their customers, with the express aim of helping to build forward-looking, scalable businesses that know how to prioritise and structure their product plans to achieve sustainable growth.

I’m fuelled by the following:

  • Coffee (not fussy, just dependent)
  • Sharpies (the more colourful the better)
  • Glitter (it runs through the veins of good product people)

I’m particularly skilled in cheerleading for my teams, and I love to witness the power of great user experience.

Contact Katy at: katy.magrane@alliants.com