Jin Xie

I am a software developer who loves problem solving, data analysis, and all sorts of optimisation. I am seen as the office entertainer and have kept my colleagues laughing since I joined Alliants in 2011.

I have varied experience in every stage of SDLC - System (Software) Development Life Cycle, and am most interested in Design/Architecture and Implementation. With this knowledge and mindset, I have worked on many projects undertaken by Alliants, in different SDLC stages and for different needs. Once I was like a "Sniper" jumping from project to project making headshot kills!

Skill set wise, I am definitely stronger in backend development than frontend, followed by a basic knowledge of DevOps practices and have also built mobile APP development, more iOS than Android.

When I’m not at work, I play computer games, lots of ball-game based sports and driving in the wild!

Contact Jin at: jin.xie@alliants.com