Damian Jankowski

Every year I feel younger! (and according to most of my friends, I also look younger)

Currently I've been about 8 years in this industry. Constantly pushing boundaries and forcing others to do exceptional work. I started with Perl and through PHP I found Ruby. I would say that we found each other - coincidence? I don't think so!

Although I spend a lot of wonderful time working with Ruby, recently I started to appreciate static type languages - golang. Maybe I had too much magic with Ruby and now it's time to do something simpler.

Writing CRUD applications for so long strained my brain a little, so, to find balance in my universe I also start learning and writing Machine Learning code.

I joined Alliants in 2016, February it was. I travelled from Poland to the UK and had a 2 day interview. They loved me so much I stayed.

Crafting Ruby code and doing pair programming on a daily basis is my main task at Alliants.

Contact Damian at: damian.jankowski@alliants.com