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Bruno Trentini

What I enjoy the most in my job is engaging people from many backgrounds to create awesome products and to resolve challenging business issues. I am usually surrounded by people and spreadsheets, using data to advise our clients on how to make better decisions and to define and execute strategies for growth. Since I joined Alliants in 2014, I have been helping numerous clients to achieve better results using my skills in technology and management.

Prior to Alliants, I have worked with HSBC as a Software Developer, moved to a consulting role with Ernst & Young and then became a Product Manager in the Innovation and Digital Business Division at Global Village Telecom in Brazil. I moved to England in 2014, the fourth country I've lived in after Brazil, France and Canada.

In addition to my job, I love my wife and my dalmatian. I often spend my spare time travelling with friends, playing my piano for hours at a stretch, or hiking and photographing some of the most amazing landscapes in the world.

There's no bad weather for me — I am always there with a smile ready to do whatever it takes!

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