Sonar: Issue #2

After a short hiatus (moving house and getting a puppy) Sonar is back with it's second issue.

In this edition we explore testing for iOS, the negative effects of hack days, react.js conf, focus on wellbeing in retrospectives, zen reading user experience and lightweight REST APIs.

But first, check out the ship graveyard of Mauritania


Raf has been looking into a new approach to clean architecture in Ruby, and smart dropdown menus.


Keith caught up with this issue discussion about why mongo is a hard dependency.

Sam Williams

After our TDD training sessions this week, Sam has been taking his new found knowledge for a drive with Functional Testing for iOS


Dan enjoyed this take on the negative effects of employee hack days on team morale


Jamie pondered these 3 concepts of improving zen reading by re-engineering links for long form, introduced trackJS to track down and fix errors in projects, and tried out a squad health check duing a retrospective.


Jackson has been browsing the React.js round up videos and trying out running tests as he updates his code


Alvaro has continued with his investigations into requiring code in Ruby and played with sending Mac OS X user notifications.


Brad began building a lightweight REST-like API with Grape complimented by Grape Swagger, he's also been learning when to not give a f*ck.