Sonar: Issue #1

At Alliants we have a lot of internal dialogue amongst the team, sharing articles that have had an impact on us. Until now this has been a small scale sharing platform for everyone at Alliants, now we are introducing Sonar - the first in an ongoing series of selected articles, talks and other media we have found noteworthy during the week.


Joe has been excited about Travelling Ruby, self-contained Ruby binaries that allow Ruby app developers to distribute a single package without needing end users to first install Ruby or gems.


Suggested Estimation Is Evil by Ron Jeffries, a look at how estimation is useless without measurables. The article encourages teams to build something small first rather than estimating from the off.

Also an enlightening read about how the Guardian adopted Continuous Delivery Delivering Continuous Delivery Continuously.


After completing a mobile app design for the western market, Matt has been learning the best practices of designing the same mobile app for the chinese market. Chinese Mobile App UI Trends is a comprehensive insight into Chinese mobile app design.


Jamie has been digging into retrospective techniques and 8 Reasons Retrospectives Fail really shows how most retrospectives fail to add value to the team.


Ventsi shared his Favourite Ruby Method Of The Week.


Raf shared his reading on lambda calculus and the Turing machine and The Case For Flux, an overview of the problems Flux helps to solve.


Alvaro has been off this week but that hasn't stopped him, he has researching Bundler and loading code in Ruby; Use Bundler.setup instead of Bundler.require, 5 Reasons To Avoid Bundler, Ways To Load Code.


Helena is excited that HTTP2 is Finished and is looking forward to trying it out in the coming weeks.