The Office 1 Year On

Its now a year since we moved to our lovely new offices on the Marina

We have had countless barbecues one Christmas party two all hands meetings, a 48 hour charity hackathon, numerous movie nights, late working nights due to working on a number of cool and exciting but very demanding projects.

In the last 12 months, we have had 7 new starters, all of them bringing different and exciting new skills and qualities. Having wondered how we were going to fill the space, we are now wondering where we will put the next set of desks in order to fulfil our need for more developers and consultants... perhaps an office in London is required? Watch this space!

In the meantime, the office here on the river has come on a huge amount since the first time we wheeled our chairs across the car park to the vast and empty space that we now occupied. Its taken a year and I still haven't quite finished tweaking the look of the place (I could probably go on forever) but take a look at the photographs and see for yourself the difference in the environment.

My favourite area which we wanted from the outset, is the breakout area and bar. I Love the relaxed atmosphere that it gives and working down there is a real pleasure. So much so in fact that we have had to set up another "work bar" as there wasn't enough room for everyone to break out, and we were finding that people were choosing to work there permanently. The cosy new Chesterfield sofa and excellent new dart board give it a brilliant chilled finish.

As for the main crux of the office, not much has changed, some pictures and plants and our two oversized red lamps add a bit of style and much needed colour to the space. Its amazing how just a few small changes can improve the feel and the mood of a space

I am pretty sure we have mentioned before the office Dogs that regularly visit us? Soon you will be able to check out the office stress busters, Zippy, Jeffrey, Skyla, Bolly and Jinx on the team page of the website.

For now, the sun is finally shining and we are all looking forward to another year on the river. Drop in and see us on a Friday afternoon and we will show you around and make you a coffee. See you soon!