Emerging Tech, 4D and Story Telling

On Tuesday 3rd December The Bixel Exchange, in conjunction with the L.A. Chamber of Commerce brought together Los Angeles' "I wish I'd known" tech entrepreneurs, "been-there, done-that" business professionals, savvy entrepreneurs, and start up resources for the Emerging Tech Salon and After Hours Networking Mixer on Interactive Gaming & Technology. The event was held at Microsoft's beautiful new L.A. campus, in the area commonly referred to as Silicon Beach.

From Twitter #ETSalon07

The @BixelExchange#ETSalon07 registration is open! Welcome to @Microsoft for a session on #gaming! #AR#LATechpic.twitter.com/Urv5QsW7Ss

— Bixel Exchange (@BixelExchange) December 4, 2013

Great open space + Focus rooms Inside new @Microsoft office in #LA@BixelExchange@LAAreaChamber#alliantspic.twitter.com/u8yZrLN9j7

— Sam Finding (@samfinding) December 4, 2013

Full room intro at @LAAreaChamber@BixelExchange Event < 5min "Name+Company" "@samfinding + @alliants" #greatideapic.twitter.com/E2NlEW2JJZ

— Sam Finding (@samfinding) December 4, 2013

The art of engaging #storytelling with @elanlee - did you know the AI cover had a hidden message? @BixelExchangepic.twitter.com/wgGBbKygOR

— Sam Finding (@samfinding) December 4, 2013

To his team... "If we need an instruction manual to watch TV we have failed" @elanlee@BixelExchangepic.twitter.com/5EyhCAgGmQ

— Sam Finding (@samfinding) December 4, 2013

Thanks to @BixelExchange@LAAreaChamber@Microsoft for hosting #ETSalon07 tonight with our CEO @mrlaserbeam in conversation w/ @elanlee

— DAQRI (@DAQRI) December 4, 2013

An Intro to Silicon Beach

The event started with a tour of Microsoft’s new office space in Playa Vista. Situated in what used to be the old U.S. post office facility, Microsoft have created a fantastic open plan and industrial feel for their employees. The building is equipped with state of the art boardrooms featuring large touch screen displays, smart boards and high-end collaboration facilities. Over 75% of Microsoft's extensive workforce now work remotely so the space is designed to be open plan, equal and collaborative. There are cubicles for getting stuff done, each equipped with everything you need to go about your day job. There are breakout areas to collaborate and focus rooms if you need a more private discussion. Everything can be booked using the latest Microsoft online tools.

The tour was followed by a welcome message from Sean Arian , VP of Innovation, Sustainability & Emerging Technology at the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce , with an innovative ice breaker... He set out with the goal for everyone in the room to give an intro in under 7 minutes, giving only their Name and Company. He achieved it in less than 5 minutes. Impressive.

The Art of Story Telling with Technology

Everyone acquainted, Elan Lee took to the stage to deliver a talk on the art of engaging story telling. Elan is Microsoft's new Chief Design Officer at XBox Entertainment Studio. Did you know the cover of the Stephen Speilburg film A.I. Artificial Intelligence had a hidden message? Apparently if you take a closer look at the wording "Summer 2001" you'll find a hidden telephone number (503) 321-5122. If you had called that number in 2001 you would have entered a whole new world that began with this message:

"Welcome my child. Once upon a time there was a forest, that teemed with life, love, sex and violence. Things that humans did naturally. And their robots copied — flawlessly. This forest is vast and surprising. It is full of grass, and trees, and databanks, and drowned apartment buildings, filled with fish. It can be a frightening forest, and some of its paths are dark, and difficult. I was lost there once — a long time ago. Now I try to help others who have gone astray. If you ever feel lost, my child, write me at thevisionary.net. And I will leave you a trail of crumbs…"

Elan Lee is a mastermind of these Alternate Reality Games (ARG), which are designed to engage the user in a world of incredible online & offline experiences. Hugely passionate about Story Telling and ARG, Microsoft brought him back to lead the team behind the Xbox One. While he was sworn to secrecy, we were left imagining what his creative mind will be delivering with this powerful new device, captivating the minds of people in their homes.

Can you Fly That Helicopter?

Elan was then joined on stage  by Brian Mullins for an open discussion on the future role of technology to tell stories. Brian is an industry leader in augmented reality and CEO of DAQRI the world’s leading augmented reality developer.

Brian began by sharing his vision and belief that knowledge transfer, in the future will be faster with augmented reality or, as they like to call it at DAQRI 4D. After he floated the concept that the scene of Trinity, learning to fly a helicopter in the Matrix, might one day be possible, Elan's creative mind went into a frenzy leading an exciting discussion engaging everyone in the whole room!

Controlling Your World with Your Mind

The evening finished with the networking mixer, delicious food and drink and a wowing demonstration of the future. Using simply their minds, and technology developed by DAQRI for Google Glass, the attendees were given the opportunity to control a light!

Well worth attending, and thanks must go to the Bixel Exchange and LA Chambers of Commerce and it's sponsors for organising, Microsoft for hosting and Elan and Brian for providing an intriguing snapshot into the world of ARG and 4D.

Watch the Bixel Exchange, Next Generation of Interactive Gaming Live Event Recording

by TechZulu