Lee-Jon Ball, Panelist at The London Startup Weekend

Lee-Jon Ball has been asked to be a Judge at this years London Startup Weekend! 

"Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups"

The latest London startup weekend is entitled "The Fashion Edition" - The way we conceive, make, market, sell, and consume clothing is changing. The lines have blurred between traditional bricks and mortar retailers and shopping on the web. 3D printing allows us to print shoes on demand, and smart clothing tells us when it’s time for laundry. Summer of 2013 witnessed more than £347 million invested in fashion tech Startups. In the next 3 years, It is predicted that the wearable tech market alone will be a £10 billion dollar industry.

This is a pretty fitting subject for Lee-Jon, as he is not only passionate about technology, he is also a pretty natty dresser and has a really keen eye for fashion. He has an enviable collection of bow ties (yes, real ones) some incredible bespoke suits and some 'interesting' pairs of handmade shoes!

London Startup weekend is a three day event which begins on the evening of Friday 13th December, with networking drinks followed by pitches. Teams are formed and begin putting ideas together. Individuals are encouraged to be honest and direct with regards to the skills and resources that they are able to offer their teams.

Saturday is a day for teams to really get going on their ideas. They are aiming to specify, design, analyse, prototype and pitch a startup. In the afternoon, coaches come in to assist the teams who are encouraged to ask questions and draw on these coaches previous experience to their own gain. 

Sunday begins with a call for help from coaches. Into the afternoon final presentations are tidied up and made pitch perfect. The weekend rounds off with a dinner, followed by final presentations from teams which are judged and the weekend is finished with an awards ceremony!

Lee-Jon adds: “I’m not only looking for interesting uses of technology and interesting product designs. The best start-ups are those who have fully researched their business sector, models and implementation – you can’t start a business with an idea alone. I’ll not only be judging but will lend a coaching hand on the Saturday to those who ask. Good luck all!”

We think this sounds like a very full-on but equally rewarding weekend! We can't wait to hear what Lee-Jon brings back from his experience as a Judge at this event and hoping that he will find time to write about some of the insights that he gained of technology in fashion and how we can expect the "Wearable Tech Market to grow over the coming years.

Great to have @leejonball from @alliants as a judge at http://t.co/mD3DpJKGki Warm up day: http://t.co/jrqr8EoFil #swlondon

— UK Startup Weekend (@startuplondon) December 3, 2013