Have you put your order in for a Bacon Sandwich on Friday morning?

At Alliants we strive to solve the challenges that growing businesses face with emerging technologies. Occasionally this means looking at our own internal processes, and evaluating them to see what we can do better. The Friday bacon order was becoming a significant admin overhead as we grew. Fussy eaters and bacon divas, the special requests were simply too much to handle!

Having recently introduced Podio internally, we decided to have a look at building a custom app to simplify and manage our bacon order workflow. The Bacon App was born....

Now the whole team, and any guests we may have, can put their bacon order in for Friday on the move no matter where they are in the world with the Podio mobile app. Orders are collated on Thursday afternoon at 4pm and emailed to our local sandwich bar, Chives for production and shipment on Friday morning.

"Friday mornings simply wouldn't be productive without a bacon sandwich."

If you're coming to visit us on a Friday, don't forget to put your request in using the order form below by Thursday 4pm!


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