Our New Office on the River Hamble

We had been preparing ourselves for this move for some time. There was much chatter in the office as well as some very grand ideas!  A Pinterest board was immediately set up, and the Development team came up with brilliant ideas, from the weird to the sublime!  

One of the best things about this move is that we were only moving from one side of the Marina to the other, making things pretty simple really!  

Finally, move day came on Thursday 25th April and as we wheeled our chairs, laptops firmly planted on our seats, across the car park there was a sense of relief from a lot of us. We had been crammed into a small space, living on top of one another and perching or hot-desking for months and now we were blessed with an open-plan office overlooking the River Hamble.  

We have been here for a couple of months now and the office is really taking shape. Glass partitioning has been erected, paddle boards (SUP) are a permanent fixture in the office and there is usually one of our dogs meandering about the place. There is no office slide as yet and the floor is wood rather than astro turf but we are making plans for the "Alliants Pub" and the Xbox has centre stage in our breakout area. What we have now is a working environment that is enabling us to grow; we are much more communicative with one another which means that we draw more inspiration from our surroundings, as well as each other. We still hot-desk, but we do it because we want to, rather than because we need to!

You should come and see us for a chat, Hack Day or even a SUP on the River Hamble? 

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